What people are saying . . . around the world!

“Thanks so much for recommending JM. The 2 ½ day course that he conducted in our Region last week was simply outstanding. His personality and dedication to the Commercial Market, is beyond what anyone would have expected. As an instructor, he is tops and his sharing of materials and knowledge of the commercial arena blew the NY folks away. (That’s hard to do, for sure) The e mail accolades are still coming in. We actually had to close off registration because we were at capacity at the venue and those who didn’t get to attend, after hearing about the course from fellow agents, are now clamoring for another course. In summation, all I can a is that is that JM is a gem and RE/MAX all the way!”

Carolyn Webber

Regional Director, RE/MAX of New York

“I want to give my gratitude personally and on behalf of RE/MAX Mexico to JM Padron who has motivated us to initiate the Commercial Certifications among our Brokers and Agents of the Region. The knowledge and commercial details shared by JM Padron has made us participate in an area that was exclusive for specific brands and brokers. Since this certification it has brought new commercial business and it has added value to our franchise.


Thank you to the level of professionalism, compromise and knowledge that JM has shared with us I have the peace of mind that our Team will delivered the highest and best knowledge to accomplish any commercial deal.


I highly recommend to RE/MAX in Latin America and Worldwide to take the certification and encourage all your agents to do so. With JM’s support is without a doubt the best way to start.

Ing. Sergio Felgueres Cabestany

Director Nacional, RE/MAX México

“The CCP Course is very intense, but the Professor makes it very agreeable and I thank him for “ALL” the new comprehension that you get out of the Course during the days of it. Talking about before and after the course my inventory became practically Commercial Properties only, I no longer work residential listings. I highly recommend the Course it is a must for any agent that wants to work the Commercial field.”

Borja Curbelo

Asesor Profesional Inmobiliario

“5 RE/MAX Agents have taken the CCP Certification that JM has given in Mexico. Ever since we have generated commissions that otherwise we would have passed for lack of knowledge in the Commercial Field. JM makes it dynamic, fun and very complete. Every agent that would want to become part of the Commercial field should take it.”

Paloma Saldarriaga

Broker Owner, RE/MAX Blue - México CDMX

“I am deeply thankful as an agent, Broker/Owner and Regional Director. With this certification in Commercial Real Estate Masterfully conducted by JM, you simply planted a seed that is already bearing its fruit. Changing the mentality of us the agents that had the opportunity to learn from you. There is a before and after the CCP. We now have the tools that we need to make our job easier and effective. Today we are at the level required by our International Investors. We completely dominate the commercial language.”

Mélido Marte

Director Regional, RE/MAX República Dominicana

” I had the opportunity to take the CCP and without a doubt is an essential tool and a must for anyone that wants to venture in the world of Commercial Real Estate. We hope to have a second CCP soon to open the doors to those that could not attend. 100% recommended.”

Maximiliano Bause

Regional-Director, Remax-Perú

“I found in the CCP all the tools necessary to control and manage all commercial properties, around the world. I am very satisfied with the professional quality and excellence, I admire the work and dedication that JM Padron has in commercial Real Estate around the World.”

Miguel Barragán

RE/MAX Royal, Lima Perú

“For me it was an honor to meet you and have you as a Mentor in this World of Calculous. Thank you for your dedication and PATIENCE. It has opened our minds and it helps us in this “Commercial World”. The 3 of us that had the privilege to take the certification felt we were in a special program the dedication and attention to each one of us was out of this world.”

Milagros Hoffiz

“I feel privileged for the opportunity to have participated in the CCP given by JM Padron, who shows complete experience and domain of the subject at the highest level. The new technics and knowledge gives us tools of an enormous value to excel as professionals in the Commercial field.”

Marivi San Miguel

Asociada en Ventas, RE/MAX Metropolitana

“The knowledge obtained could not have been better, the teaching method of the Professor Padron impeccable, dynamic, fun in only 3 days he makes you retain all this valuable information for our Commercial Profession. Without a doubt I can only recommend to take the Certification and within a very short period you will see the benefits and the knowledge obtained. I take my Commercial pin with pride!”

Jorge Marátos

Commercial Specialist, RE/MAX Metropolitana